Buy & Sell Ethereum in Romania. Instant and secure transactions 100%

Buy and Sell Ethereum in Romania

Why trade Ethereum on Ro.Exchange?

Small commission

The only commission that the platform charges for transactions with Ethereum is 0.15%, regardless of the amount traded. There are no other hidden costs. When withdrawing money from, you will pay the network commission, which is completely independent of the platform. It goes to users who support the Ethereum network.


On Ro.Exchange you can trade Ethereum in exchange for 2 other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Tether) or in exchange for the euro. Deposits and withdrawals of euros are made through a SEPA account, and the procedures are simple and explained step by step on the platform.

100% safety

Ro.Exchange keeps most of its customers' funds in cold storage (offline) wallets. Thus, the money deposited on our platform is completely safe, far from potential cyber attacks.

Fast transactions or at a preferential price

On Ro.Exchange you can buy and sell Ethereum instantly, at the market price, using a market-type order. You also have the option to trade for a price of your choice, using a limit order.

Customer service is available 24/7

We are at your service with tutorials and complete information on how to carry out operations on our platform: from the correct account setting and security measures to deposits and transactions of cryptocurrencies and euros. Also, if you have any questions, you can contact us by email or on social networks (Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter).


What is Ethereum?

Video about Ethereum - GDB credit

The Ethereum project is an open-source platform based on blockchain technology that allows developers to build decentralized applications. It was created in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, and its purpose is to facilitate smart contracts in an open network. In other words, the Ethereum platform allows the creation of applications that do not need a central configuration and management system to operate. As an example, you can think of any type of system that needs a (centralized) database, from commercial and banking services to voting services.
The currency behind this system is Ether, also known as Ethereum (ETH), and is the second best known digital currency, after Bitcoin.

The advantages of Ethereum

Applications available to everyone

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum allows you to run smart contracts with much more flexibility. A smart contract is similar to a real world contract, only it is completely digital. Moreover, the validation of the terms of the contract is done in a predefined, automated system and is not controlled by a central authority (corporation, government or a specific person). For example, a money transfer can only be made if a number of conditions have been met before, but there is no person to verify these conditions. Everything is in digital format, automated, run and stored on a multitude of computers distributed around the world. Developing an application on the Ethereum network is available to anyone. Programming knowledge is required to create such an application, but the infrastructure is public and open to anyone with an idea to improve a social or economic aspect.

It's practical

Unlike the current financial system, transactions can be made on the Ethereum network regardless of day, time or location. The only thing needed is a device connected to the internet (PC, tablet or mobile phone).

Small commissions

The fees charged for the transfer of Ethereum are quite low compared to other payment methods. ETH transfer fees go to the multitude of users who maintain the network.

It can be a profitable investment

An investment in Ethereum can bring you significant profits, the currency having periods in which it registers very large increases in short time intervals. Due to its innovation and role in the area of decentralized applications, the community is confident that the price of this asset will increase in the medium and long term.