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Buy and sell Bitcoin in Romania

Why trade Bitcoin on Ro.Exchange?

Small commissions
The only fee you will pay is the trading commission of 0.15% of the traded amount. There are no other hidden fees or costs charged by the platform. Upon withdrawal, the network fee is independent of, and the amount reaches the entire users who support the block chain network.

On you can trade both Bitcoin and 6 other cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Tether. Virtual currency transactions can be done in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (you can buy and sell pairs such as BTC / ETH or LTC / USDT) or in exchange for the euro. Euro deposits and withdrawals are made via a SEPA account, and the procedures are simple and explained step by step on the platform.

Maintaining a high level of security is very important in the world of cryptocurrencies. We pay attention to this segment, both at platform and customer level. We use new security protocols, most cryptocurrencies are stored in offline wallets (cold storage), and users are encouraged to set up 2-step authentication on their accounts. In the case of specific transactions, 2-step authentication becomes mandatory.

Trading between users
All transactions on the platform are made between active users, the prices being regulated by demand and supply. Users can trade either using market or limit type orders. The first ones are made instantly and at the market price from the moment an order is placed. In a limit order, the user can set his/her sale or purchase price according to his/her own analysis of the market evolution.

Customer relations / Request information
If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we are at your service with tutorials and information to successfully complete transactions. You can contact the customer relations team by email or on social networks (Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter).

What is Bitcoin?

Video about Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is a tradable digital asset, used for global payments. It is a new financial system, and it is also a decentralized digital currency. There is no central authority in control of this system, and the money traded is entirely virtual.

Bitcoin is based on a relatively new technology (blockchain) that allows transactions to be recorded and managed in public registers, owned by users who support the network. The currency appeared in 2009, when it was traded for less than a cent. Over time, Bitcoin has fluctuated greatly, its price being regulated by supply and demand. The highest value for which a BTC was traded was recorded in December 2017 and was just under $ 20,000.

Unlike classic fiat currencies (Dollar, Euro, RON, etc.), the bitcoin network cannot induce inflation because the number of BTC coins is limited to 21 million. At present, new coins are being created through the mining process and it is estimated that the limit number will be reached in about 100 years. So, as an asset, bitcoin is more like gold, not the classic currencies of the current financial system.

The Advantages of Bitcoin Currency

It's practical

A payment in Bitcoin can be made at any time, using a device connected to the internet (computer, tablet or mobile phone). Unlike a bank transfer, a payment in Bitcoin will be completed regardless of the day (working day, weekend) or hour. The number of companies that use Bitcoin as a payment method is growing, both internationally and in Romania. Some of the well-known online stores, but also many service providers have already implemented payment with this currency. It should be noted that Bitcoin can be divided to 8 decimal places, which means that you can make transactions up to the level of 0.00000001 BTC (also called 1 satoshi). In other words, if you want to invest in this digital asset you do not have to buy 1 BTC, but you can buy a small fraction of a coin.


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